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My Take on "Sex & The City"

My Take on

The reviews for "Sex and the City" run the gamut from glorious to gloomy. I'm honestly still stumped after seeing it ~ being careful not to mirror any opinionated or definitive perspective.

Best I can do is "inspiring", because like many of us who were entertained by this movie, I've also come away having fantasized, if not identified with aspects of each character (and their respective journeys)

From Carrie Bradshaw's cerebal and sexy white vest ensemble in the opening montage, to the time-marked scenes of the all-too-familiar need for days of sleep after a broken heart ~~ Samantha's sexual joie de vivre, to moments of maternal instincts while caring for a sad friend ~~ Miranda's non-negotiable pride and logical list of pros & cons, eventually humbled to pieces by the heart ~~ And Charlotte's wide eyed optimism as the joins Miranda in the ranks of parenthood.

I'd be lying if I didn't' mentally check my fashionable and/or emotional closet for similar moments of triumph and/or despair.

So that's what the movie did for even me, looking furthest from the girls of glamour ~ as a 5'4", brown-haired, brown eyed All American Asian singer/ actor/ dancer/ Wall Streeter living the Sexiest years in his City.

I guess I liked the movie, eh?. And more importantly I love that it made me write. Hopefully, you'll be reading, seeing and/or hearing more from me ~ there's at least a couple of stories I'd like to share thru the "Blah Blah Blog" section of or my next cabaret most likely entitled "Finding A Good Home & Finding A Good Man ~ One Manual Fits Both"

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